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Surrender to the Divine

     These past samskaras, consiting of ‘Saapam and Thosham’, also make it difficult for a sadhaka to reap the full benefit of prayers or mantra recitations that one may perform to attain spiritual progress. Saapam is the automatic karmic consequence of one’s own act of hurting or betraying another person and Thosham is the karmic consequence of one’s failure to perform one’s duty.

     The best practical method of overcoming the effects of ‘Saapam & Thosham’ is by way of ‘Annadhaanam’, whereby one foregoes a meal regularly and gives the food to a poor person or gives a regular donation to be used for feeding of the poor so that the donor does not know whom the recipient of the food would be.

     The one sure remedy, however, for the complete elimination of one’s ‘Saapam & Thosham’ takes only one second, if one earnestly decides, with complete humility, to surrender one’s whole personality consisting of one’s mind, heart and entire being to the Divine or to a self - realized Guru who reflects the Universal Divine Consciousness - based on the realization that one is not the real doer but only an instrument of the Divine.



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